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"Music's mad scientist" - 94.7WPVC

"Raybon’s love of synths is loud and clear on his latest single…a track inspired by an early morning trip to his favorite pizza place, germophobia, and the search for a sense of belonging."-Artemis Thomas-Hansard, Noisey

“Not every teenager has to write music that sounds like what’s charting on Billboard’s top 100.”-Staff, The Revue

“Some people feel as though they were born in the wrong time period, but new wave revivalist Eli Raybon might actually be one of those people.”-Lisa D'Arrigo, Indie Minded

“Computer, Don’t Kill Me” straddles the line between melancholy post-punk balladry and cognizant kitschiness, deploying an array of wild analog synths that include the odd noodling of a stylophone, an instrument which to my knowledge hasn’t appeared since David Bowie used one on “Space Oddity.”-Mike Olinger, Ones to Watch

“Raybon's distinctive retro aesthetic seems 100% genuine, which begs the question - why is this Post-Millennial channeling 80's-era John Hughes soundtrack pop?”-Mike Olinger, Paste Magazine

“A gorgeous balance between longing for the past and dreaming of the future." -Northern Transmissions

“This is nostalgia filled with synth pop napalm.”-Joshua Pickard, Nooga

"I’m no fan of uncertainty. But Raybon seems to feed off of that with how he does things. He’s got big dreams and a skilled sense of delivery that’s disarming."-Incendiary American

“Eli Raybon has done everything in his skinny armed, neophyte power to return synth-infused pop to the collective consciousness. And if that objective at all seems like a long shot, outlets like Vice and Paste have already endorsed him as a maestro of the form.”-Erick Mertz, Bearded Magazine

“Every science fiction fan must listen...”-Erick, ElectroWow

Smart cyberpunk songs unlike anything on the airwaves" -Herbert Norat, The Fresh Committee 

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